This past weekend Conquest Sacramento was held at the Rancho Cordova Marriott Hotel, and much Pathfinder Society fun was had.

Among the many adventures had by my cleric Mallus, I’d have to say the highlights included bringing to light the crimes of a corrupt Andoran senator, as well as solving a murder-mystery aboard the infamous Throaty Mermaid!

Of course the real highlight was meeting with the community and spending time with all the awesome players and GMs we have in the area. I had tons of fun spending time with old friends and making lots of new ones. If you met me over the weekend, don’t be afraid to shoot me an email so we can talk some more!

I’d like to make a special shout out to Mondo for setting up the convention, Venus for organizing the PFS play at the con, Steve for all the help with coordinating, and all the GMs. Each of them put in a lot of time and effort to help make sure that we all had an enjoyable time. Kudos!

For any of you who may not be subscribed to the Sacramento PFS Yahoo Group, here is a link to Venus’ Conquest Sacramento report. Thanks again Venus for all the hard work you put into organizing the PFS play. You did a great job!

Now that we’ve had such a great convention, let’s keep the PFS ball rolling! I’ve got a few games set up for the end of the month, and over the next day or two will be posting many more. I’m still trying to get an idea of which mods people in the area would like to play so please shoot me an email with any requests you have for scenarios you would like to see played.

Have Fun!