Hey Everyone,

Recently, I’ve actually been getting a lot more people commenting, and just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I have the system set up so that if you are a first time commenter, you have to be approved before the post shows. Once you’ve had a comment approved, you should be free to comment away to your hearts content.

I get a TON of comments from spam-bots, and if I didn’t have a filter, the site would quickly become an abomination. The down side is that I don’t check for comment approval on a regular basis. I usually do it whenever I need to update the site.

So, if you have a comment you’ve posted, and you need it displayed in a timely manner, please contact me using the email address on the Contact Us page, and I’ll get it approved much more quickly.

As always if any of you have any questions or commments, don’t hesitate to email me.

Have Fun!