Our resident firefighter Dave Soldavini asked me to post the following for public consumption.
Have Fun!

A Society Campaign (of sorts)?!? Madness, I can hear the cries and disbelief but yes, a Society Campaign (of sorts) is in the works.

Every other Sunday for the next few months we will be running a full module over the course of the whole day. For those who are interested we will be playing modules in a sequence so that characters will level up with the modules and create an arc into retirement. Whether you can make one module, several, or all of them it doesn’t matter but we wanted to let you know there was a method to the madness if you wanted to be part of this craziness.

Game Master responsibility will alternate between Dave Soldavini and Michael Thompson. All games will be held at Mages Realm, where they have been gracious enough to open early for us, from 11:30-10:00.