ConQuest Sacramento
April 5-7, 2013
The NEW Red Lion Woodlake Conference Center
500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento

The Pathfinder Society leadership team is excited to announce the California Central Valley’s marquee convention: ConQuest Sacramento!
There are several exciting new changes to ConQuest SAC this year including a new venue, and convention dates that aren’t bunched up so closely to other springtime conventions. We are planning on having a MUCH larger turnout then previous years due to these changes, as well as the expanding PFS community here in Sacramento.

Registration and hotel information can be found at:

Warhorn signups are now available!

If you plan on taking advantage of free registration for GMing 3 or more slots, and it is before the cutoff date, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION. Follow the directions given on the front page. To be clear, there will be a cutoff date for free GM registration, see the warhorn site for details.

Our PFS leadership team, The ConQuest Chroniclers have several special things planned for PFS for this event.

This will be a convention to remember. 🙂 Don’t miss out!

Brent Holtsberry, Venture-Captain Sacramento