The time has once again come upon us – FEBRUARY & MARCH GAMES ARE UP!

Our illustrious Venture Captain has spent a significant amount of time putting together a great schedule of games for the next couple of months!
If you take a stroll on over to our & our site you’ll see a couple of new changes. We are proud that PFS in Sacramento has grown to such a huge capacity that we feel justified in adding SEVERAL new game slots – to better serve our growing community.

Monday Afternoon PFS @ Mage’s Realm
Thursday Night PFS @ Mage’s Realm

In addition – Maxwell Lawrence has scheduled a “mini PFS campaign” – a series of Scenarios that are connected to each other in such a manner that they will tell an overarching story. He’s starting off with the First Steps series and taking off from there. These games will be on FRIDAY AFTERNOONS & SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. I would highly recommend checking these games out if you get a chance! Max is a great guy and a great GM — I am sure you’ll love what he’s put together.

Now with all that being said – WE WILL NEED GMs! If you’ve been signing up consistently to only play — I can guarantee you that I will come up to you at some point and ask that you HELP THE COMMUNITY by GMing. There are far too many times that I’ve seen the same 4 people week in and week out sitting behind the screen. I can assure you that they would like to play too. So take the time to sign up to GM a scenario, please.

So, help me…
Help our community…
Help each other, because when we do – we become better. And when we become better, WE become the standard by which others measure their successes.
How bad-ass would it be to be at conventions in Seattle, San Francisco, or Indianapolis and hear, “Oh, you’re from the Sacramento Lodge? We’ve heard that you guys have an awesome community. I can’t wait to come to Sac to game with you guys!”

Because that is what I know we can accomplish.

Explore, Report, & Cooperate!

Rich Flynn
Venture Lieutenant – Sacramento Lodge