Hi Everyone!

The Pathfinder Society scheduling is complete for June and July and we have a lot of new changes.

Games are finished being posted on the warhorn site and pathfinderfan.com, and the events will all be created on paizo.com by the end of the weekend.

First of all, our community is growing significantly, and we have several new locations that have been added to the schedule. I am working on some more elegant solutions to listing and signing up for games at multiple locations. I was hoping to have them ready for our summer scheduling, but the programming is taking much longer than I had anticipated.

So for the near future, all games that you can sign up for in the Sacramento area are listed on warhorn with changes listed below:

Mages Realm
All the games that aren’t preceded by an asterisk on the schedule are being played at Mage’s Realm as usual.

Great Escape Games
Eric Buell is organizing PFS games at Great Escape on Wednesday nights. On warhorn, the games being played there are preceded by ***Great Escape Games***. The Wednesday night games help fill an open niche on our schedule. Thanks to Eric for organizing there.

Olde World Gaming
I was contacted by the owner of a game store down in Elk Grove called Olde World Gaming. He has a passion for pathfinder and wants to get PFS going at his store. I went and visited him, and the store is actually very nice. Over half of his space is gaming tables, he has a fun layout with a lot of woodwork, and some stonework elements, and he has a great selection of products.
The owner is also very nice, and enjoys talking Pathfinder. He wants to run games on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturdays. On warhorn, the games being played there are preceded by ***Olde World Gaming***. Right now we need to get GMs signing up to run games at his store. I’m confident that we can build up regular games at his store, and that we can get more Elk Grove natives there. To do that we need to show the locals that PFS has a presence there, and show them what this awesome community is all about. If you live near that area, please frequent our games there. For those of us who are a little further away, it is definitely worthwhile to make the trip a couple of times over the summer to have some fun at this interesting location.
In any case, if I could please call on everyone who can gm to sign up for a game or two and fill up the schedule, I would appreciate it. Let’s make Olde World Gaming one of our new homes!

Davis – Woodstock’s Pizza
Venus is coordinating PFS games on Tuesdays in Davis. They use a different website for game signups, so the games aren’t posted on warhorn, but they are listed on pathfinderfan.com. Information on what games are being played, how to sign up, and driving directions can all be found at pathfinderfan.

Vacaville – Olde World Games

Not to be confused with Olde World Gaming, these are the longtime PFS games that are organized by Venus on Wednesday nights in Vacaville. Like the Davis games, these games are listed on pathfinderfan.com.

The Conventions page on pathfinderfan was sorely out of date. I have updated the info there for the rest of the exciting conventions that we have coming up this year.

Season 4 Scenarios
For those of you who may not know, Lantern Lodge, and Shadow Lodge are coming to an end. You can find out the details on the Paizo blog and Paizo messageboards. The in-game ending to those factions will take place in a couple of level 3-7 scenarios labeled Way of the Kirin (Lantern Lodge), and Rivalry’s End (Shadow Lodge).
I am posting those games multiple times over the next couple of months and highly recommend that anyone who has characters in those factions take those characters through these modules. There are some special rewards at the end of those scenarios for faction members as well as an opportunity to switch your character to a different faction for free. Those special rewards and faction change opportunities will only be available until August 14th, so take advantage of them while you can.
Also, we are coming to the end of Season 4, which will culminate in some exciting scenarios that have to do with the possible return of one of the runelords. I want everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy this exciting content before we kick off Season 5 The Year of the Demons, so I have also scheduled multiple opportunities for everyone to take advantage of those scenarios.

Game Rule Changes
With the release of Printing Six of the Core Rulebook, and recent updates to the FAQ, there have been several rules changes and clarifications that can be found on paizo’s website. I’m mainly bringing this up so that everyone is aware that there are indeed some changes. Please continue to work respectfully with your gms and other gamers with any issues that may arise due to these updates. There are several threads being discussed on the paizo messageboards regarding the changes and would direct you there for more information.

We Be Goblins Too
I was notified by Mike Brock that We Be Goblins Too, cannot be run by any store or venue who isn’t participating in Free RPG day until July 1st.
He just found out himself, and is very pissed off about it, but that’s how it stands.
Anyone who is planning a We Be Goblins Too event at a non-Free RPG day participating store before July 1st, please reschedule.

Rich and I want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone in the community who spends time to help make our community so great. Thanks to everyone who organizes and gms games. Thanks to the store owners that work with us, and thanks to all those who so willingly help the others in our community.
This community constantly amazes me with how well we respect each other and are willing to assist both organizers and other players. We have something special going on here, and it is reflected in the quality and growth that we are enjoying.

I’m very proud to represent all of you. As always if there’s anything I can do to help make our community better, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be found at the following:

  • sacramento_area_pathfinder@yahoogroups.com (please sign up if you haven’t already)
  • on Facebook at Sacramento Pathfinder Society Organized Play
  • my email address can be found on the Contact Us page of pathfinderfan.com.


Brent Holtsberry
Venture-Captain, Sacramento