Hello Everyone,

Now that ConQuest Avalon is over, and we’ve had a chance to recuperate a little bit, it’s time for me to give an update on where we stand regarding locations to play PFS in Sacramento.

I started PFS in the Sacramento Community in late March of last year. It took off quickly, and has grown significantly since the first few months. To give everyone an idea of what I’m talking about, there were just under 100 discrete members signed up on warhorn on my annual report to paizo at the end of August last year, and this year’s report included over 325 discrete members.

At the beginning of the summer we added games at Great Escape Games, Old World Gaming in Elk Grove, and even up in Yuba City (Hi Max!), and the amount of work to post, track, and report games not only grew, but became significantly more complicated.

Instead of just trying to find some stopgap measure to fill in some time gaps to run the majority of games at one location like we did before, all being posted, tracked, and reported by Rich and I (with assistance from helpful community members), I’ve taken this opportunity to step back and see if the strategy that I started the community with was still viable now. I asked for the opinions of other coordinators, and looked at what other large areas are doing, and came to the conclusion that our community is too large to have one or two people trying to coordinate all the games being played throughout our community.

So then we looked at ways that we could organically distribute the workload, without losing the incredible sense of community that everyone has built here. After discussing and debating several options, I’ve decided (with the support of Rich, Andi, and other VO’s) that what we need to do is have store coordinators that create their own schedule for the store, post their store’s games to the same community warhorn site (as opposed to each store having their own), manage their game days, and report their own games. That way, the community members can still go to one site, to see what games are being played at different locations, which helps to preserve our sense of unity, even if they mainly play games at one location.

Regarding the almost daily games that were being run at Mage’s Realm, rather than trying to ask another game store to host an inordinate amount of games, or finding a temporary space to run games daily, just to try to swing everyone back to Randy’s House of Games when it opens, we are focusing our efforts on finding store coordinators who will create long-term game days at the stores that are available now, and when Randy’s House of Games actually has a physical space for us to use, we will look at the needs of the community at that time, and fill in those needs that aren’t being met.

In the meantime, while all of this is being set up, GMs who have coordinated a gaming space and want to run games with sign ups on warhorn can contact me to have them set up just as I’ve always done.

I will follow this post shortly with an open call that has all the details for those interested in becoming a PFS coordinator for our local stores.

Thank you for reading this beast of a post. I wanted to be sure I’m communicating clearly regarding our current strategy, and why we chose to follow it.

As always, if you need help with anything PFS related, don’t hestitate to contact me! 🙂

Brent Holtsberry
Venture Captain, Sacramento Pathfinder Society