Our community is growing and Sacramento Pathfinder Society is looking for volunteers who are interested in giving back to our community by organizing and overseeing game days at our local game stores.

We’re looking for people who would be willing to do the following at their store:

  • Periodically create schedules for games that will be run at the store.
  • Post those games on the Sacramento PFS warhorn site so that GMs and players can sign up for games.
  • Post those schedules on the paizo.com website so that the PFS community as a whole can see what is being scheduled here in Sacramento.
  • Organize tables at game nights for their store so that people know where they will be playing when the games start.
  • Report games in a timely manner so that GMs and players can track their progress accurately.
  • Try to find a backup organizer to help fill in if you get sick, or need specific game days off.

PFS leadership does not expect you to do everything alone. You have a strong leadership core backing you, and we will help you with things like:

  • Helping to communicate with store management regarding anything that will help facilitate PFS running smoothly at their store.
  • Any player issues or community communication issues that may arise.
  • Any rules clarification or training that you may need.
  • Help with training regarding any of the technical issues regarding using the warhorn or paizo websites.
  • Periodically visiting and running a GM training session or assist with special events at the store.

We are actively looking for coordinators for the following stores:

  • Great Escape Games (near Howe and Hurley)
  • Olde World Gaming (Elk Grove)

If you are interesting in becoming a store coordinator, please contact me, and I’ll get back to you soon. We are also happy to work with store owners and coordinators to try to get PFS running at any other stores in the area. If you have a store in mind that isn’t listed, and would be willing to be a coordinator there, please let me know.

As always, if you have any questions, or PFS issues I can help with, don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

Brent Holtsberry,
Venture Captain, Sacramento Pathfinder Society