ConQuest Sacramento
March 28-30, 2014

The Red Lion Woodlake Conference Center
500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento CA

Sacramento’s Premier Gaming Convention!

Greetings Pathfinders!

ConQuest Sacramento is back again! The Sacramento Pathfinder Society has tons of games and events to make one awesome weekend of gaming:

Siege of the Diamond City
This convention’s special will be the latest GenCon special that hasn’t been run here in Northern California since last August.

We will be running all the scenarios from Season 5, as well as several scenarios from each of the previous Seasons.
We will also be running the following Modules:
#Mod: Academy of Secrets
#Mod: Broken Chains
#Mod: Carrion Hill
#Mod: Curse of the Riven Sky
#Mod: The Midnight Mirror

For those who will never have a chance to play the adventure path, we will also be offering a follow up to our AP game at ConQuest Avalon with table of the PFS play for Rise of the Runelords book 2: The Skinsaw Murders.

Event details and signups can be found at the warhorn site listed below!

Registration and hotel information can be found at:

Warhorn signups can be found at:

Please follow the directions given there for registration.
If you plan on taking advantage of free registration for GMing 3 or more slots, and it is before the cutoff date, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION. Follow the directions given on the front page. To be clear, the cutoff date is March 15th for free GM registration, see the warhorn site for details.