Joining a game is easy! Just find a game listed on the site, click on the title, and follow the instructions on the game’s information page.

Finding a Game
There are several ways to find available games:

  • Go to the Games Calendar page
  • Look at the mini-calendar that is near the top right of every page (hover over a date that is in red, and a small popup will appear with the games listed on that day)
  • Look at the Games sidebar on the right of each page

Once you’ve found a game, just click on the name of the game to go to the game’s page.

Joining a Game
Each game’s information page will direct you on how to sign up for the game. Many games are set up on the Sacramento-PFS warhorn site, but some venues may have their own warhorn site or other method of signing up. In each case, the method of how to sign up for a game will be listed on the game’s information page.

Remember that (until they come out with an update) although individual warhorn sites have their own login accounts, signing up for an account on warhorn is easy.

Contact Us
If you have a request for a game, a question, or feedback, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.