Here are a collection of links that I hope most players/GMs will find useful.

Sacramento PFS Warhorn

This is the website we use to sign up to run and play local games. If you want to play an upcoming game, use this site to sign up!

Sacramento Area Pathfinder
Yahoo Group
This group is where many Sacramento area Pathfinder enthusiasts keep in touch. I highly recommend signing up for this group.

Solano/Yolo Pathfinders
Kuya Millefune is doing a great job getting games set up in the Solano/Yolo area. For more information on games that are running in that area, please visit their FaceBook page.

Bay Area Pathfinder Society
If you’re going to the bay area and looking for a game, this is where you can find out what’s going on.

Obsidian Portal
This award-winning campaign tracking website is a fantastic tool for GMs and players alike.

Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast
Azmyth, Venture Captain for Northern California puts this podcast together. Although he only releases them a few times a year, they are one of the best RPG podcasts I’ve heard.

Character Creation & Sheets

Judging Tools

  • Paizo’s unofficial chat room, featuring Tuesday night Q&A sessions w/ James Jacobs!
  • GM Checklist – A three-page document consisting of Advice for New GMs, a GM Checklist, and a Co-ordinator’s checklist.
  • GM Checklist – VL Brian Darnell’s After Scenario GM Reference Sheet.

General Materials

System Reference Documents

Painlord Goodness