GM support is vital to promoting a healthy, active Pathfinder Society community.

Game masters spend their own time and money so that everyone playing can enjoy the game. In Pathfinder Society play each module costs a few dollars to download, and someone pays for the printouts that each of the players receive, and that are used for reporting. Sometimes stores will print these items out, but more often then not, the game master has printed those out herself. Giving something back to the game masters helps to encourage them to continue to prepare and run games (or start being a game master in the first place).

Some game shops support their GMs with extra benefits of different sorts. In the game store descriptions on the Venues page there will be a section on game master support if there is any.

Some organizers or GMs have a tip jar to help defray their costs. If you are a player, and you see the organizer or game master with one, consider throwing something in to help spread the costs out and recognize the game master’s efforts.