Bizarro World has been serving Northern California geeks since 1991. We love comic books, cards and games; that’s why we’re here and, we imagine, why you are too. With our website we want to create a community that reflects the sensibilities of our shop, and we want to make money at it. We’re going to need your help with this, so give us feedback, comment on our forums, and check out our product catalogue – even if you can get to our storefront easily, we plan on having far more stuff online than we could ever fit in house!
Bizarro World is more than a website, a Seinfeld gag and a planet in the old Superman comics. It physically exists at an AWESOME NEW LOCATION!!

Address: 223 E Street, Davis, CA 95616
Phone Number: (530) 759-9490

Store Hours:
Sun-Tue 11 AM – 7 PM
Wed-Sat 11 AM – 9 PM